Previous Years Tax Filing


There are many people those who do not file their tax returns in time because of many unavoidable circumstances like family, health, lack of information, out of town/country, death in the family etc.

According to income tax laws there are penalties, punishments and other consequences for not filing your tax returns in time for example, penalties, frozen bank accounts, wage garnishments and leans on your property.

Deliberately not filing your tax return is illegal. However, CRA understands that people make mistakes and thus they give you an opportunity to catch up your unfiled tax returns with in a limited time window.

CRA may send you a notice to file unfiled tax returns, CRA may also wait for few years and then send you the notice to file all previous years together.

We can Help…….

At Alvox Accounting & Tax Services we are ready to take this challenge to start talking with CRA on your behalf and start collecting information from you and CRA to determine how serious the matter is under the law.


Since there are penalties, interest and other consequences for not filing in time so we will determine how much you might owe to CRA, based on that we can suggest you different legal way to avoid penalties, interest and other punishments. Alvox’s team of expert professionals is well equipped to handle your situation. So contact us today to book a no obligation free initial and confidential meeting with one of our expert to start helping you immediately.


Remember!! We are available full time, all year round and very friendly people……Give us a chance to serve you. You won’t be disappointed.