Payroll Services

 Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and yearly payroll

  • Year end T4 slips and summary
  • Monthly source deduction remittances
  • T4A slips and yearly summary
  • Record of employment

Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payroll:

Our experienced and dedicated staff prepares your company’s payroll according to the information provided to us via telephone, fax or email. We have different price packages depending on number of employees. Please contact us for complete details.

 Year-end T4 slips and Summary:

At the end of calendar year we process T4 slips for your existing and former employees and T4 summary for Canada Revenue Agency.

Monthly source deduction remittances:

We always meet the deadlines; you do not need to worry about the monthly source deductions statements for Canada Revenue Agency. We prepare it and send it on behalf of our valued clients before 15th of each month.

T4A slips and yearly summary:

If you have sub-contract employees, you have to issue them T4A slips at the end of every calendar year. We also prepare T4A slips for your sub-contract employees along with T4A summary for Canada Revenue Agency.

Record of employment:

If you layoff your employees or employees quit themselves or going on maternity/parental leaves, by law you have to issue a Record of Employment (ROE) within 15 days after employee’s last day of work. You just inform us we will process ROE for your employees.