On-Site Bookkeeping


Alvox Accounting & Tax Services is committed to provide excellent and accurate bookkeeping services to our clients no matter they want bookkeeping at our place or on-site. Our Bookkeeping team consists of detailed oriented and experienced bookkeepers who will visit to your place according to your requirement and needs and depending upon volume of work. Our bookkeeper can visit weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly depending on the circumstances.

Our on-site bookkeeper will classify all your bills, invoices, receipts and bank statements and enter them accordingly in to the system so that all the transactions are ready for reconciliation for tax purposes. We know it’s a boring and time consuming job for you, that’s why we will do it for you according to CRA standards and you pay attention to manage your business effectively. Our Bookkeeping team is fully capable of handling your bookkeeping needs. Here are few benefits of On-site bookkeeping:

•           Economical: Controlling the costs is one of the best strategy to make profit in the business. Hiring a full time or even par time bookkeeper is might be expensive for your kind of business because you might not have enough volume of transaction to hire a bookkeeper. So simply contact us, we will provide you bookkeeper according to your needs. Business owners/managers can get our services at an affordable fee that is not only competitive but still you can get quality and reliable services from our professional bookkeeper.

•           Stress free: We understand that stress during year-end brings the productivity of accounting employees down, especially when reporting deadline is so close or stringent. Just Relax! Our bookkeeping team is behind you helping in month/quarter/year-end closing and during any other busy period. We let you stay stress free during these periods.

•           Privacy & Confidentiality: Although your business privacy is our great concern as well, but on-site bookkeeping gives you more peace of mind that you have the possession of all you business documents and you can reach them any time you want. Your bookkeeping records will be in your computer so you can access your transactions any time you want. No need to contact your account’s office frequently.

•           Full Business Concentration: We take care of all of your number crunching side of your business, accounting, tax and payroll issues at your place. You’re assured that everything is done timely and accurately. As such you will always be able to give more time and focus to your business instead of number crunching and be able to achieve the ultimate profitability.