Will incorporating my business protect my personal assets?

Incorporating will give protection against personal assets by limiting liability. Usually, financial institutions require a personal security from the shareholders of a small enterprise. Limited liability does not extend to GST/HST, PST or other government remittances.

My business is doing great and I’m making more money than I need. Should I incorporate?
Incorporating your business gives shareholders more options for income distribution. The income tax rate for small business corporations is lower than the individual shareholders. If your corporation is Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC), it will be qualified for small business deduction.

How much does it cost to incorporate a business?
We offer competitive rates for our services and advice to our clients, who want to incorporate their business.  Our charges for incorporation starts from $ 50 + Government charges. Please feel free to call us or send us an email at for complete details and quote. Again we are very friendly and flexible people……try us.