Accounting & Bookkeeping

  • Year-round computerized bookkeeping
  • Year-end closing and financial statements
  • GST/HST and
  •  WSIB Returns

Year-round computerized bookkeeping:

Identifying, classifying and recording of day to day business transactions in the books of accounts through various accounting software, posting into general ledgers and reconciliation of accounts. Our clients provide us the paperwork like invoices, bills, bank statements; cash register summaries and related information on monthly, quarterly, semi annually or annual basis, then our trained and professional bookkeepers process the paperwork and related information in to the accounting software up to reconciliation stage.

Year-end closing and Financial Statements:

When our professional bookkeeper finish the job up to reconciliation of accounts then our professional and experienced accountant start passing adjusting and closing entries and prepare the financial statements which include: Income statement, balance sheet cash flow and notes to the financial Statements. We prepare Interim and/or annual financial statements according to the need of our clients and various agencies. No matter your business is sole proprietorship, partnership or incorporated we have the expertise in all accounting areas.

GST/HST, Returns:

During the bookkeeping and year-end closing process we also work out your GST return. GST return is due according to the reporting period assigned by the Canada Revenue Agency.