Appeal / Notice of Objection



If you think that CRA has misinterpreted the facts or applied the law incorrectly, you have the right to object to:


  • Personal and Business income tax assessments and reassessments; and
  • determinations and re-determinations such as GST/HST credit, the Canada child tax benefit, and the disability tax credit.
  • Filing an objection is the first step in the formal process of resolving a dispute. The time limit for filing an objection is 90 days from the date on the notice.


You can consult us for preparation and filing of objections and appeals. We have very rich experience for objection/appeal preparation, filing and negotiating with CRA on your behalf.


We have been very successful in winning many objections. No matter how simple, straightforward or complicated your tax matters is we’ve got the expertise to handle the objections and appeals on your behalf.